Outgoing students

For outgoing DD students only
Enjoy your study stay at one of our partner universities!

You can find some useful information here.


  • Choose your destination according to your study plan (Business or Economics);
  • Participate in the selection process according to the announcement (usually published in February/March). Be careful as there are two different application forms depending on your status. You can participate both in the Double Degree selection and in the Erasmus selection (it is strongly recommended to participate in both selections). If you are an Erasmus and Double Degree student you must follow both notices and, as far as Erasmus+ is concerned, you must follow the instructions published on the Erasmus website. If you are only a Dual Degree student you must follow the DD notice only;


To be eligible for call of Double Degree Program, the student must be regularly enrolled in a Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pavia, on the call publication date.

Preliminary ranking criteria
The students with the following requirements will be included in the preliminary ranking:
  • have acquired at least 15 credits in the first year of the degree;
  • have reached a minimum total score, acquired during the selection, of at least 70/100;

The final score will be so formed:

first cycle mark graduation


weighted average of the marks obtained in the first year of master’s degree


score of the motivational interview


score to the motivational letter

Final ranking criteria

Students who have met the above criteria must produce a valid international language certificate (acquired no more than two years prior to the year of selection) attesting to the level of knowledge of the language required by the university of destination (minimum level B2). The above certificate must be submitted by July 31st, 2021, under penalty of exclusion from the Double Degree Program (you can submit self-certification in which the student declares to have successfully passed the international certification exam by July 31st, 2021 and pending receipt of the official certificate).

We are writing to inform you that the DOUBLE DEGREE call for applications has been published for the year 2021/22 for study periods abroad in EU and non-EU countries with our partners (see partnership page).

Call 2021-2022
Annex to the call 2021-2022
with information sheets on the partner university locations

Candidacy remains open from Wednesday, the 3rd of February at 9.00 a.m. until March 30, 2021, according to the procedures detailed in Article 5 of the Double Degree Call.

The web pages will be continuously updated with all necessary information: thus we invite those of you who are interested to consult the web pages regularly.

Double Degree practical Infoday have also been scheduled and organized by the Double Degree Team, for information on academic aspects as well as information on the available host Universities. This is the link of recorded meeting:










the link to the zoom platform will be mailed to each student following the chronological order of the interviews you will find posted above in the calendar.





The deadline to accept is March 23, 2021

Those who do not respond to the acceptance form, will be declared excluded from the final ranking.

  • After the end of the selection, students, who won the selection with both statuses must get in touch with both the Student Mobility Office and the Double Degree Office of the Department of Economics and Management, while students with only DD status must refer only to the Double Degree Office;
  • When the host university sends you the email with the information and the application link, follow the required procedures, register with the foreign university and send them the required documents. Please do not contact the foreign coordinators until you are contacted by them
  • fill in a learning agreement with the academic coordinator of the Double Degree (field of study of economics or business); if you are Erasmus and DD-Erasmus, you can download the form at this link of the Unipv-Erasmus webpage; if you are only DD students, you can download this specific form.
  • Don’t forget that your academic career continues also in Pavia: remember that in order to get the grant, both Double Degree and Erasmus, you must enroll in the second year in Italy, pay the relevant fees and update, in the personal area esse3, your bank details; finally fill out the 2nd year study plan when the time window will be available, according to the Italian deadline. It should be possible for you to pay local taxes, insurance, etc. etc. at the foreign university. These fees must be paid by the student.
  • About INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION LANGUAGE you can acquire the certification contained in this table.


  • fill in the arrival certificate which must be signed by the person in charge of the mobility office of the host university and send it to the DD Admin coordinator (the attached form refers only to DD students; for DD and Erasmus students, please use the Erasmus form on the Univp-Erasmus webpage);
  • changes to the learning agreement must be accepted by your Italian coordinator, so email them and wait for a response;
    • you can take Italian exams while you are abroad, except the courses of first year, to take in Italy. There is the possibility to take it remotely by getting in touch with your Double Degree Administrative Coordinator who will support the student in organizing the exam remotely;
    • if it is provided for the curricular internship for both study plans, Italian and foreign, you must follow both the procedure for activating the agreement in Pavia and the procedure for activating the agreement in an host university; you can find more detailed information in the MIBE website and in the COR website.

If for any reason the student needs to stay abroad for more than the 10 months prevised by the Double Degree mobility program, for example to participate in an internship not provided in the study plan, or simply because is late with the studies in the host university, the student must send the form for extension of the mobility period to fill out and send to Double Degree office, otherwise if he/she is both a DD and an Erasmus student, he/she must contact the mobility office to get the correct form.


  • before leaving the host university you must fill out the certificate of departure (second part of it) which must be signed by the head of the mobility office of the host university and sent to the DD Admin coordinator (only for DD students; for DD and Erasmus students, please use the certificate Erasmus certificate on Univp-Erasmus web page);
  • you have to convert all the ECTS got abroad; please, fill in this form (for DD and Erasmus students), fill in this form (for DD students only) and send it to the DD Office of the Department with official final transcript of records (usually provided by the Host university); remember that if you are an Erasmus and DD student, you have to contact also Student Mobility Office to fulfil the necessary burocracy.
  • Co-supervisor request and antiplagiarism that will be delivered on the same day, complete in all its parts, at the Double Degree office to Mr. Federico Franceschini (Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.00). Subsequently, will be notified to the student, exclusively via email, the name of the italian co-supervisor, with whom he will have to establish the appropriate contacts for the purpose of the final discussion. This name will also be communicated, always via e-mail, to the chosen italian supervisor.
    The DD students must put, in the Co-supervisor form, the name and mail of foreign supervisor. Double Degree office could get in touch with supervisor’s university for a confirmation. Without this information the request will be rejected. These obligations are not expected for foreign students coming from partner Universities that do not provide for a double speaker.
  • All outgoing Double Degree students must undertake to deliver to the DD office, the thesis’ evaluation made abroad,  at least 15 days before graduation session. Without the host university evaluation the student will not be admitted to the graduation session. This evaluation may consist of a mark or a brief evaluation in the form of an analysis. The evaluation has to be sent at: double-degree.dem@unipv.it


As regards the conversion of the marks, this is the formula that will be applied: the marks of the exams got abroad will be converted in according to the conversion tables of marks established between partners. It is possible that the resulting conversion grade corresponds to a value range of marks of italian marks, in this case will be choosen the minimun or maximun value taking into account the overall performance of abroad studies.

It’s easy that the number of credits of single foreign exams doesn’t correspond to italian number of credits, and it’s likely may encounter the following three cases:

  • the number of credits of foreign exam is slightly lower than Italian exam to be converted, [e.g., 4,5 ECTS => 6 CFU]. It is possible to maintain this conversion credits ratio (if the total credit conversion is balanced [e.g. 35 ECTS => 35 CFU]) ;
  • the number of credits of foreign exam is lower than Italian exam to be converted, [e.g., 3 / 6 ECTS => 9 CFU]. In this case, the student has to merge more foreign exams. It will be calculated the weighted average of marks obtained on the foreign exams considered and the result will be converted into the Italian mark, in according to the conversion grade table established between partners;
  • the number of credits of the foreign exam is higher than that of the Italian exam to be converted, [e.g. 9 ECTS => 6 CFU]. In this case, and if necessary, the remaining credits of the foreign exam can be added to other foreign exams to convert the remaining Italian exams. In the case in which, at the end of the conversion, some extra foreign credits result, at the indisputable discretion of the commission that deals with the conversion, it will be possible to attribute some extra points among the votes already attributed. The conversion will be calculated according to the conversion table established between the partners.

In any case is not possible to use the remaining foreign credits for the conversion of the Italian exams of the first year, which the student should have taken in Italy.