041 Business administration 0411 Accounting and taxation
0412 Finance, banking and insurance
0413 Management and administration
0414 Marketing and advertising
0415 Secretarial and office work
0416 Wholesale and retail sales
0417 Work skills
031 Social and behavioural sciences ———————— 0311 Economics
0312 Political sciences and civics
0313 Psychology
0314 Sociology and cultural studies
054 Mathematics and statistics 0541 Mathematics
0542 Statistics



How can I choose the destinations?
On this file you can find all the destinations available and all the information about the partner universities. You must choose among this list.
When you’re choosing, pay attention to:

  • The ISCED code.
  • The prerequisites regarding the language and study level.
  • The study program. The courses you will attend abroad should match in terms of credits, subject and contents to the ones you would have attended in Pavia.

What is an ISCED code?
The ISCED code is the code that identifies a specific study program of the University of Pavia. The ISCED code related to the economics program is 031 or every code that starts from 031. The ISCED code related to the business and management or business administration program 041 or every code that starts from 041.
Student attending the economics program can only choose destination with an ISCED code of 031, while students from the business and management or business administration program can only opt for destinations with an ISCED code of 041.
There is an exception that regards the destinations that offer programs in statistics and mathematics. In this case, allthe students from every program can apply. Must be noted that in this last case the agreements are done with departments of statistics or mathematics, so IT IS NOT possible to take any exam from the economics or business field.

If the duration mentioned in the lists of destinations file is 10 months, does it mean that it is not possible to do just a semester?
Generally, yes. If you want to spend just a semester abroad, then choose a destination in which the program lasts six months.
However, it is possible, once you are there, to shorten the period to six months in case you need to come back to Italy due to personal issues. But it happens just for exceptional situations, is not a general rule.

Can I freely choose between leaving for the first or the second semester?
Depends on the university. Some universities accept exchange students in the first semester, some others in the second. Some others in both. You have to check in this file.

I am selecting destinations attainable with level B2 but also B1 because in case the language test goes wrong and I should take B1 I can keep a destination, then my question is, but if it goes well, I can refuse the destinations of level B1 to take the remaining ones in B2?
It depends on the order in which you list the universities, the advice is to put the B2 level university first and then the others. If you are assigned a university and decline, you will not be assigned anything.


Do I have to acquire the requested language level before the selection?
Yes, it is mandatory. Is a prerequisite, not a suggestion, and you have to prove it. You can prove it through:

  • An international certification (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • The university certification from Centro Linguistico.

Is the language university certification (from Centro Linguistico) accepted by all the partner universities?
No. Generally, if in the lists of destinations file nothing is mentioned about international certifications, then the university certification is accepted. If any other language certification is mentioned, then it means that for that destinations is necessary to obtain another type of certification.
But you must also check the partner university’s website to be completely sure of which certification is accepted.

Is it mandatory to have an international language certification?
No, not in all the cases. You have to check on the lists of destinations and in the partner university’s website if it is requesting an international certification. Otherwise, the university certification is enough. To obtain it, you have to take a test at the Centro Linguistico before the call’s deadline.

For how many years the certifications are considered valid?
For three years, both IELTS/TOEFL and the university certification.

I am a student from MIBE/MEFI, do I need to provide an English certification?
Only if the requested level is higher than B2. So, if it is lower or equal to B2, you don’t. For more informations, click here.

Are there some cases in which I do not need to provide any language certifications?
Yes. You can find all the cases on exemptions in this file.

I speak the language of instruction of the host university as I am mother tongue, do I need to provide the language certification?
No, in that case you have to provide a self-certification in which you indicate that you are mother tongue in a certain language. You can find more information in this file.

In the list of destination two languages of instruction are indicated, why?
The first language is the language in which most of the courses are held. Indeed, the language certification is requested only for the main language of instruction.
The second language is mentioned because some courses are held in that language.
So, it is preferrable that you choose a destination in which the courses are mostly held in a language that you can speak and understand


How are the candidates selected?
Is it all explained in the call for application.

Is it mandatory to apply for three destinations?
No, but highly suggested. In this way, if you are not selected for your first choice, you may be selected for your second or third choice.

What happens if I am not selected?
You can wait for the second call list, that comes usually after three weeks from the first one. All the destinations that are not assigned to anyone or that someone refused, are offered to the candidates that haven’t been selected in the first call.

Is there any age constraint to be selected?

Do we have to write a motivation letter?
No, it is not requested for Erasmus+.

Is there an interview for the Erasmus +?

Is there an interview for the Erasmus Overseas?

What happens if I have passed an exam, but the grade is not registered yet in the system before the call’s deadline? What happens if I have done an exam, but I do not manage to have the results before the call’s deadline?
Those credits won’t be considered in the selection process.

If I want to leave on the second year of my Master, should I have to have passed all the exams from the first year?
No, it is not mandatory.

Do we have to apply for the host university also autonomously?
No, you don’t. When you are selected for a destination, you are automatically considered a student at the host university.

Are the Double Degree and Erasmus + selection process interrelated?
Yes. If you are applying for the Double Degree Program, please apply for the same destinations also in the Erasmus program. Many destinations require that you also have the Erasmus status as a double degree student.

In the case I am not selected for the Double Degree program, can I leave with Erasmus?
Yes, if you are selected for an Erasmus destination.


What is the Learning Agreement?
Is an agreement that specifies which courses you are going to take at the partner university, and the correspondence with the courses from the home university.
The agreement must be sent to the Erasmus coordinator in Pavia. The coordinator can either accept the agreement you have proposed or refuse it until there is a proper match. Then, once the coordinator from Pavia has accepted and signed the agreement, you should send it to the Erasmus coordinator from the host university.

Can I change the Learning Agreement during my stay abroad?
Yes, the agreement can be changed at the beginning of the exchange semester/year. You have approximately one month and a half from your arrival to change the agreement. Indeed, when you arrive you may discover that some classes overlap or that some courses are not available. Once you have modified it, it has to be signed again by both the coordinator from Pavia and the coordinator from the host university.

Is there a minimum of ECTS that must be included in the Learning Agreement?
Yes. The agreement must be signed with at least 18/20 credits.

Is it possible to fill the Learning Agreement with one or two courses, plus the thesis?
Depends on the destination. You have to check, for every single destination, if it is allowed requesting to the coordinator of host university.

Regarding the Erasmus Overseas program, does the Learning Agreement have to be signed and attached to the application?
Yes. You must prepare your agreement and send it to the Erasmus coordinator before the call’s deadline so that there is the time to check it. Then, the coordinator will sign it and you must attach it to the application.
Note that this regards ONLY the Erasmus Overseas Program, not the Erasmus + program.

If I am a Master student, can I choose courses from the Bachelor program?
No, you cannot.

If I am a Bachelor student, can I choose courses from the Master program?
Yes, you can, but choosing master’s degree courses is possible if there is no possibility of completing a learning agreement of at least 18 credits with three-year courses. But it is not the rule and furthermore the student may run the risk of not being able to pass the exams because they are too advanced.

How can I know which exams I cannot take abroad in the first cycle of study?
Please read carefully this document


What happens if the credits of the partner university’s courses do not match the ones from Pavia?
Typically, the courses from the host universities have less credits. In this case, you will need to take more courses abroad.
E.g., consider a 9 ECTS course in Pavia. If you find a 9 ECTS course that matches the one in Pavia, then you just take the exam and, once you pass it, you can be sure that this exam will be validated when you come back in Pavia. Instead, if you do not find any 9 ECTS course, then you will probably have to combine two courses. For example, you could pick a 6 ECTS course and a 3 ECTS course, pass both exams, and then those two courses will be validated as the 9 ECTS course back in Pavia.

How the grades will be converted?
You have to check the conversion tables by clicking here. If you have to combine two exams to reach a certain amount of ECTS, then the final grade will be determined by the weighted average of the two grades you have obtained.

What is the minimum amount of ECTS that I must acquire during the period abroad?
You must be able to validate at least one exam when you come back to Italy. Otherwise, you will have to return the scholarship you have obtained.

What happens if I do not pass an exam?
You will take it again back in Italy.


About KU Leuven University, is it possible to freely choose all the campuses that are mentioned?
Yes. However, pay attention because the campus in Leuven is for economics, while the campus in Brussels is for management. This means in Leuven you won’t find courses regarding the management area, and in Brussels you won’t find courses regarding the economics area.

Is it still possible to go to UK, even if is not part of the EU anymore?
Yes, it is still possible. However, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be extra-costs imposed by the partner universities.