Incoming students

Welcome to University of Pavia!

Application procedure for DD incoming students takes place in two phases:

Step 1

for first, please fill out the form at:


Online procedure will be opened on JUNE 4th, 2021

Online procedure will be closed on JULY 15th, 2021


  • Before departure, nominated student has to  finalize the Double Degree Admission procedure, uploading all the documents requested.

If even one of the documents required by the online procedure is missing, the student will not be accepted!

Step 2

  • After arriving in Pavia, has to come to Double Degree coordinator office, fixing an appointment by mail to complete the procedure and entering all the data.



Students must abide by the lesson timetable and exam timetable on this website in order to organise their academic activities during their stay. The 1st semester begins (updated soon).
Visiting students will have access to all the services offered by Department of Economics and Management and by University of Pavia, after their enrollment procedure, which will be finalized in not less than fifteen days after the arrival. In particular, library organises information days aimed to incoming students, to clarify the procedures of consultation, borrowing and researching information within University library system.
According to the agreements with each Partner you can enrol in the first or in the second year of study.

Students who have attended the first year in Pavia, in any case must fill in the 2nd year of study plan, before their departure at the end of first year.

After your enrolment at University of Pavia, when you have received your personal username and password given you by informatics system (around mid-November), you will also connect to kiro platform, in which you can find information and materials for each course of our Dept.
About the contents of the classes (module Handbook), you can find all information at course catalogue link.

If you want to know whole details about University of Pavia, accommodation, living costs, etc., please visit Welcome Point website.

See, also, the link of EDISU (only in Italian) to participate to the announcement for accommodation in our colleges. (new announcement will be published around last 10 days of July). See also: University of Pavia housing

You can also attend an Italian language course (paying a fee).

Co-supervisor request and antiplagiarism that will be delivered on the same day, complete in all its parts, at the Double Degree office to Mr. Federico Franceschini (Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.00). Subsequently, will be notified to the student, exclusively via email, the name of the italian co-supervisor, with whom he will have to establish the appropriate contacts for the purpose of the final discussion. This name will also be communicated, always via e-mail, to the chosen italian supervisor.
The DD students must put, in the Co-supervisor form, the name and mail of foreign supervisor. Double Degree office could get in touch with supervisor’s university for a confirmation. Without this information the request will be rejected. These obligations are not expected for foreign students coming from partner Universities that do not provide for a double speaker.

  • All outgoing Double Degree students must undertake to deliver to the DD office an evaluation report of the thesis submitted before at home University, at least 15 days before italian graduation session. Without this home university evaluation report the student will not be admitted to the graduation session. This evaluation report may consist of a mark or a brief evaluation in the form of an analysis. The report or transcript  or records with the master thesis grade has to be sent at:

As regards the conversion of the marks, this is the formula that will be applied: the marks of the exams got abroad will be converted in according to the conversion tables of marks established between partners. It is possible that the resulting conversion grade corresponds to a value range of marks of italian marks, in this case will be choosen the minimun or maximun value taking into account the overall performance of abroad studies.
It’s easy that the number of credits of single foreign exams doesn’t correspond to italian number of credits, and it’s likely may encounter the following three cases:

  • the number of credits of foreign exam is slightly lower than Italian exam to be converted, [e.g., 4,5 ECTS => 6 CFU]. It is possible to maintain this conversion credits ratio (if the total credit conversion is balanced [e.g. 35 ECTS => 35 CFU]) ;
  • the number of credits of foreign exam is lower than Italian exam to be converted, [e.g., 3 / 6 ECTS => 9 CFU]. In this case, the student has to merge more foreign exams. It will be calculated the weighted average of marks obtained on the foreign exams considered and the result will be converted into the Italian mark, in according to the conversion grade table established between partners;
  • the number of credits of the foreign exam is higher than that of the Italian exam to be converted, [e.g. 9 ECTS => 6 CFU]. In this case, and if necessary, the remaining credits of the foreign exam can be added to other foreign exams to convert the remaining Italian exams. In the case in which, at the end of the conversion, some extra foreign credits result, at the indisputable discretion of the commission that deals with the conversion, it will be possible to attribute some extra points among the votes already attributed. The conversion will be calculated according to the conversion table established between the partners.