Study plans

It’s allowed to change compulsory courses following these two strict rules:

  • the exam replacing the previous one must have an equal or a higher number of ECTS, in any case not lower than the replaced exam;
  • The exam replacing the old one must belong to the same Scientific disciplinary sector (see picture below).

In this case, the study plan becomes from standard to individual study plan and must be approved by the departmental teaching committee.
MIBE students cannot choose courses between the two curricula provided (International Management and Digital Management).
MIBE students can choose either two courses for a total of 12 ECTS (free choice courses) or an internship of 6 ore 12 credits.
In case the student chooses a 6 credit internship, it will be necessary to choose and insert also a course of at least 6 credits, for a total of 12 credits

Our study plan (both for MIBE and MEFI) is structured as you can see in the example picture below:

MEDI students can choose one of the three tracks provided (Industrial Organization and Innovation curriculum and International Development and Economic Policy curriculum).
MEDI students have to choose two courses for a minimum total of 12 ECTS (free choice courses).
There is the chance to choose an extracurricular internship of 12 credits, but in this case the student has to ask, before submitting the study plan, to the DD MEDI coordinator, Prof. Alberto Cavaliere (see page ABOUT US).

Incoming students must fill out a form in which they list the courses they would like to take, chosen from the first and second year of their chosen Italian master’s degree program, in accordance with the curriculum of their home university, and send it to the Double Degree office. It is not allowed to attend and take courses with similar contents to those already taken at one’s home university.